Here is a short overview about our FEM-project activities during last six months. The project continues until the end of the year 2017.


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Info point

During last period (01.04.2017–30.09.2017) more and more people have found FEM information point in Estonian centre in Turku. It shows that the information has spread and Estonians living in Turku’s area have heard about the FEM project. When at the beginning of the project people came to ask for help filling in some paperwork in Finnish, then now – after the trust towards the counsellor has been created – there are more and more of deeper problems that people come to seek help. So during period 3 there has been clearly less of filling the applications, instead people are seeking help with some juridical matters, debts or with problems at their workplace.

There are still a lot of women following their husbands/partners to Finland. Our counsellor has helped many such women to deal with the primary bureaucracy here in Finland (e.g. registration in Migration office and Maistraatti, listing as unemployed in work office) and to direct them to language courses.


Support group

Support group in Turku has a bit different target group than in Helsinki or Tallinn. Turku is already so far from Estonia, that Estonians living here won’t go to Estonia very often. They need friends and acquaintances in Turku. It has come more clearer through this project. So the Turku’s support group members have developed much deeper contact with each other and also with the mentor. They appreciate the info seminars, but they also appreciate the company. By now most of the women taking part of the support group feel themselves freely and they talk openly about latest work problems or health issues, they share experiences and give advice to each other. Often the group’s mentor doesn’t even have to guide the conversation a lot, only listen and later, in the end of group meeting she’ll clarify that the information they got from each other is clearly understood and useful.


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